Murphy Desmond Analysis of Legal and Economic Issues

In the City’s haste to approve rezoning for Ballpark Commons, the City made a series of mistakes in following their own ordinances.  These mistakes are discussed here.  The Murphy Desmond analysis also discusses the potential adverse consequences of making zoning changes prior to obtaining WDNR regulatory approvals or Milwaukee County landowner and due diligence approvals.  Further, the letter discusses the weak economic case for believing that non-affiliated minor league sports development will result in net economic benefits to the community.  Instead, what can be expected is simply a redistribution of local entertainment and food and beverage spending.  But already, the City has now taken actions to potentially harm residential neighbors economically and health safety without even having estimates of project costs or economic projections of stadium impacts.


Citizen Letters

Here are other sample letters from private Franklin citizens that discuss the weak case for undertaking Ballpark Commons development relying on public involvement.  The facts discussed here directly counter the claims of the developer and his paid endorsers that the development would generate few or no school age children; or that the units would cater to luxury renters.  Another letter by a private Franklin citizen provides an examination of the WDNR and Milwaukee County environmental files for this site.  That examination reveals both environmental consequences for air emissions containing known carcinogens and possible adverse consequences to families living in close proximity to the landfill who still rely on groundwater.  These developer claims made at the January 11, 2016 developer presentation and in private conversations during the canvassing of nearby residents regarding environmental safety and potential taxpayer funded costs have simply been wrong and entirely misleading based on the facts of zoning entitlements now in place.